Vacation Packages & Traveling Plans in San Francisco, California

At BORNEO TRAVEL & TOUR in San Francisco, California, we offer vacation packages to many exotic places. As a travel agency with experience in placing customers in the exact location with amenities they request, it is no wonder why we are able to provide cost-efficient prices to you.
Pool, Vacation Packages & Traveling Plans in San Francisco, California

Vacation Packages

Never been to Southeastern Asia? We are your expert traveling agents for places such as, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Burma, Cambodia, and more. In addition, we can also arrange packages to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the South Pacific, New Zealand, and Australia.

Vacation Amenities

Experience exotic beaches, wildlife tours, majestic green forest covered mountains, and new cultures, all at discounted prices!  When we become your traveling agency, you will be asked which beautiful areas you would like to explore.

From there, we will find tourist hotspots, lesser known local secret places, and luxurious off the beaten path places for you to enjoy your getaway and indulge in the wonder these countries have to offer.

Prices & packages

From the moment you get on the plane, we can help you plan your entire trip including hotel and travel tips. Although we do not offer coupons, you can expect to find the lowest prices, because we always work with your budget to tailor your travel package.

We can help you with information about popular destinations, hotel accommodations, airline you can travel on, your itinerary, for your trip. A 20{d266f8ad3caf38b6d3d0b2e2395ff40be8509e51276a60bd59615d68024ed274} to 30{d266f8ad3caf38b6d3d0b2e2395ff40be8509e51276a60bd59615d68024ed274} deposit on all trips is required, followed by the balance, which we ask to be paid off one week before departure date.

Take advantage of our vacation package deals, such as three nights in Singapore to three nights in Malaysia, and a seven-night and day package to Thailand.